Change of branding to WALXhampstead

This item was emailed to all Exercise with Friends’ members on 23/12/19


2020: WALXhampstead

For 2020, you’ll notice a change in branding. We’re changing to WALXhampstead – this reflects a national development: as Nordic Walking UK, we’ve recognised that as interest grows in Nordic walking, so does the interest for other fitness walking concepts and classes. Even now, with the work I’m doing with Parkinson’s UK, I’m seeing that many people get more from strapless fitness walking poles or from Smovey rings, and the concept of WALX embraces this.

In Hampstead, the classes and the timetable aren’t changing but you may see different titles of your usual classes – and you might need to get used to the idea of ‘Nordic WALX’. You will still book in the same way but the front-end website will look different. I’m still adding content, but you can see the new website here:

Although the change won’t affect your classes, I hope you like the concept.


Updated: January 3, 2020 — 10:10 am